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Hope for a desert-like city

While some people in my country curse the rain, I say: “Give thanks and see how the trees, hills and lakes, which used to reflect a lack of rain, are now green, have plenty of water and are full of life.” That’s why I say: “Rain: hope for an almost desert-like city.”

Where are the flowers?

I live in the provincial capital, but my hometown is located in a small mountain village, a suburb of that city. Every year I go back there to visit my grandparents but the best part of the trip is that I'm able to appreciate the amazingly beautiful red flower called Rhododendron simsii Planch. For a very long time, the place has been famous for the plant. I feel very proud of it, too, so last month I persuaded my best friend Max to accompany me there on a trip. 

Water scarcity in Kathmandu

A few days ago, he quarreled once again with a neighbor for water, one of them overtook the queue! He felt frustrated, looking at the sad faces and swollen eyes of his kids (who couldn’t complete their homework because of the disturbance) and wife. It was not the first time but he couldn’t take it anymore.

Rain is the salvation

I live a region with many rivers. It's great to be around a lot of water.  After visiting the arid region of our country, I realized that people there cherish every drop of water. 

Water is life!

“The rains! The rains are coming!” I was making sure our herd of goats was safe when I heard my younger brother calling from the hill above our village. My father had sent him there weeks ago, when we expected the rains to arrive quickly. My name is Ali and I live in Sudan. In my country, it only rains for a short time every year, so rain is very important for us. We may live in a very dry country, but that does not mean that we can live without water!

Rain on the surface of the sea

People came stampeding from the boardwalk - some slowly, others more rushed (after all, storms are not very secure). My family was at home and when the rain began to fall – it was loud, noisy and burly. Me and a family friend looked at each other and I said: Let’s bathe in the rain and go into the sea, because it will be warm.

Life…Bucket by Bucket!

Hello! My name is Keïssa and I live in Mali. Sometimes, I feel as though I was born with a bucket on my head. Ever since I was a little girl, I have drawn water from the well in our village. But not in the last few months because our well has dried up!

El Niño – A little boy causing a lot of problems!

The streets were empty, and the sky was clouding over. It must have been at least 40°C in the shade! I got home and immediately my dad started yelling at me, “Where have you been? As if you did not know what was happening!” I replied, “What happened, dad?”