Your actions to save the world (well, one small action at a time)

In September 2015, World Leaders committed to the Global Goals for Sustainable Development. 17 goals to achieve extraordinary things by 2030 – such as tackling climate change!

Is that something you believe can be improved? Believe us, you are not the only one. We, as young people, with the manpower of 1.8 billion people, play a crucial role to transform this from a plan to a real action. We will be the ones influenced by success or failure of these Goals in 13 years.

Created by young people for young people, here are some daily actions and projects that you can organize with your friends to start being more sustainable for a better world!


Buy Eco-Friendly Products: Next time you go to the store, look at the packages to see if the products are produced in an eco-friendly way. Buying eco-friendly products helps reduce the environmental impact of their production.

Consume Less Meat: Become vegetarian for one day a week. The meat production industry has a huge impact on environment so by consuming less meat you decrease it.

Don’t Buy Products Tested On Animals: Check the labels on the products you buy. Check if they are tested on animals. Additionally, you can search for a list online. Preventing buying from companies that test their products on animals helps to sustain the diversity of wildlife and eliminate cruel practices against animals.

Stop Using Plastic Bags: Usage and wrong disposal of plastic is a major cause of marine pollution. Convince your parents to stop using plastic bags in your household.

Donations: Do not forget to donate old clothes and electronics. Check the list of organizations which collect things for people in need and donate your belongs that can be reused to them. This will lead to less consumption and impact on the environment.

© James Jardine/Flickr

Keep Your Tires Inflated: By keeping your tires inflated, you will consume less gas. Less gas consumption reduces your carbon print and helps to decrease CO2 emissions.

Take Public Transport or Bike: By using public transportation or biking you decrease carbon emissions, which severely impact the environment.

Track Your Carbon Print: Find an online footprint tracker to measure your own emissions and set goals. Once you do this, create an action plan.

Recycle: The less you waste, the safer the environment is. Separate paper, glass, plastic, metal, old electronics. All of them can be recycled. You can also use less paper and throw trash in the proper container.

Use Less Electricity: If you use electricity less, you will impact nature less. Be sure to turn off the lights when you leave a room. Turn of electronic devices at night. Charge items during the day to disconnect them on time when they are fully charged. Keep an eye on other devices that you are not using.

Use Food Sharing Applications: You can download apps for different locations to donate your leftover food and decrease the amount of food waste in your household. You can also plan your grocery shopping in advance in order to avoid buying unnecessary items.

Use Less Water and Paper: Substitute paper with electronic devices or carriers. If you must use paper, print on both sides to use fewer resources. You can also reduce the amount of water you use by taking short showers, and using a water meter to check how much water your flat/house is using.

© U.S. Embassy Romania/Flickr

Join An Organization: Plenty of groups help raise awareness on environmental impacts. Become an activist, and help prevent natural disasters and sustain lives of animal species.

Help Deliver Workshops: Get in touch with the institutions in charge of natural disasters, in order to create the workshop on what to do in a natural disaster. This will equip your peers with knowledge and make them more resilient to natural disasters.

Deliver A Training Session: Deliver a training session on how to prevent climate change. Deliver workshops on how other people can take action and become more environmentally conscious.

Maintain/Build Trails: An important way to protect forests and mountains from human influence is to create means for both to coexist. You can create or organize a project, which builds or maintains biking or hiking trails in your local forest or mountains.

Clean Local Parks and Forests: Organize or join an existing cleanup event to sustain your local green space. You can also clean up a river or ocean near you. It is easier than it sounds: grab a trash bag and collect trash you find. You can choose to make it a bigger event by sharing about it on Facebook. Even one bag will make a difference.

Create A Young Board of Advisors: You can create a petition to include opinion of youth in urban development. You can also create proposals and ideas. Collaborate with a board of young people to pitch these ideas about city improvements to government officials.