Concerned students

Dear World Meteorological Organization,

We are Daniele Grigaite, Olivia Ericcsson and Euan Suarez, students from the MYP4b class of the International School of the Stockholm Region (ISSR) in Södermalm, Stockholm, Sweden.  We are sending you this letter from our Individuals & Societies class taught by Mr. Erik Berridge.

First of all, we wanted to extend a huge thanks to not only you, but your whole organization for promulgating awareness about our environment and taking action against the diminishing quality of our world. We think that the world needs more organizations such World Meteorological Organization, to spread awareness of our surroundings, even though the knowledge of the worsening conditions of our environment and taking action should be common sense.

We have watched a film entitled Do The Math, which explains that the fossil fuel industry is killing our planet. We learned that the top fossil fuel companies have five times the amount of petroleum, gas and coal that is safe to burn. We have 399ppm of CO2 in our environment right now, while the safe point is 350ppm. The top five companies together have made $ 100,000,000,000 in 2013 and they still continue to pollute our world for free.

We as teenagers want your organization to keep doing what you are doing and keep improving as much as you can so more people could get aware and take action of it because we believe that spreading the word does not make it better but taking action lets people to actually see it and contribute to a better world. We went to Divestment Day as students to support and contribute with volunteers around the area and we think that this is not only spreading awareness but also taking an action.

"This is the last minute in the last game, in the toughest game that humanity will ever play." said an activist during the film we watched. We teenagers think that you are doing a great job with changing our planet for the better. We think that educating children in schools about climate change would spread awareness, but we want more people to act. Schools should know how to create an initiative for the children to act for our world. From the quote above, we want this game to be the best game that humanity has played, for our environment and for generations to come. This leaves us with one final question in mind: What more, as the younger generation can we do?

- Daniele Grigaite, Olivia Ericsson and Euan Suarez